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inauguration as the first african-american president of the united states. you will also get to hear interviews with the people who helped to shape the campaign. and t.v. news, homer, marsh and bart haven't aged but the simpsons family is 20 years old. if you missed any of the episodes from this past season you're in luck. they will be released on dvd tomorrow. >>> you can watch episodes of the heart pounding drama yar this week. the complete 12th season will be available tomorrow. the show continues to explore the inner workings of the emergency room and the dedicated doctors who make death and life decisions. >>> tom ford is moving to the director's chair. we will preview his new movie, a single man on friday. i'm candace dold and that is the low down. >>> thank you, candace. >>> coming up in the 7:00 hour, you can get a free ride around baltimore starting today. where you can get on the new charm city connector bus. >> reporter: a priest who served this baltimore church forced out of work. i'm megan gilliland, the allegations the father is now facing straight ahead. >> reporter: and i'm jo
planes filled with aid are already in the air, some of them from the united states, and others from other nations. they're sending things like water and food. it's unclear if they have arrived yet this morning. that is the hope. we know a lot of people are waiting for them to arrive. the red cross is estimating 3 million people, a 3rd of the population may need that help. megan gilliland, fox 45 morning news. >>> stay tuned to fox 45 morning news for continuing coverage. we will talk with a representative of beyond all boundaries of how you can help donate to the relief effort. that is coming up a little later this hour. >>> maryland's general assembly gets back to work looking for ways to trim the state's $2 billion deficit. session 2010 began yesterday in annapolis. financial concerns are expected to be the main focal point over the next 90 days. already on the table the possibility that a 4 year tuition freeze for instate students at maryland colleges and universities could be over. governor o'malley says an increase may be necessary for the next school year. >> modest increases, keepi
most of the united states and is zig alg down to new orleans 29 degrees and dallas 23 degrees. will you have to go far south to find warm air today. the radar we're waking up to a couple of flurries out there and light snow showers. we will see lake flurries in the region and it's stemming from the lake-effect snow showers, the strong wind, and the cold wind over the lake region. it's making its way over the mountains and toward the d.c. baltimore region for today. we have had the area of high pressure and low pressure, and the contrast has allowed for strong gusty winds for our region. around 3:00 a.m. for tomorrow morning we will deal with partly cloudy skies. we will stay dry and sunny conditions for the daytime for wednesday but we're watching another system, a cold front that is going to move toward our region late thursday night into early friday morning. we could see a couple of inches of snow showers. we will see how it plays out. it's still a couple of days away. mind the cold front -- behind the cold front another round of cold air. temperatures are going to stay in the 30s no
. they are pretty on what they need to do. this has not been tried in the united states, except, with substances but it has been tried overseas and it works quite well. we need to get back to man's best friend and that is going back to these sniffing dogs. i think it would work, and even with the sniffing dogs you won't be able to weed out this problem 100%. if somebody is bent on bringing about destruction on american soil and american airport they will find a way. think about this kid, he was a 23-year-old, nigerian, and his father reported it to the embassy and said that he was concerned about what he would do and nobody listened. he could not rome around the uk and he could not gain entry there, and could find entry into the united states. when you fly on the international flights, you should not have to be concerned about whether somebody is on an aircraft trying to detonate an explosive. >> should the obama admnistration focus more on finding those kind of guys rather than trying to catch them in the act after they're in the airport? >> megan, we certainly don't want them to catch them in
a wall street ceo, who wants to take money from the united states taxpayer and pay himself a bonus and we say, no. >> reporter: massachusetts democrats brought out the big guns, a senator, two representatives, the governor. >> how is it going, boston? >> reporter: and the president of the united states. for obama it's personal. his prestige on the line. a victory by brown would give republicans 41 votes in the senate enough to stall important legislation including healthcare reform. >> so i think long and hard about getting in that truck with martha o's op opponent. it might not take you where you don't want to go. where he we don't want to go is backwards. >> reporter: hundreds of scott brown's supporters outside of the rally and a few abortion protesters inside, three removed while obama was speaking including a young boy. >> i will be your senator and i will be on your side. so let's make that happen. >> reporter: both cokley and obama called for a full court press in these final days, something few thought cokley would have needed a few days ago. >> now i think that democrats are
are there amidst the rubble trying to save lives. others are here in the united states hoping their hearts and wallets for desaster relief. the spoke mans with the american red cross is here to talk with us today. good morning. >> good morning. >> how are you? >> it's a touchy subject. so many people want to help. the american red cross is making it possible to help. what are you doing? >> help is already on the ground in haiti. right now the red cross is focusing on medical supplies, food, water, sanitation so people have clean water to drink and shelter for people, just the essentials. we have seen an amazing out pouring of help from the people here in central maryland. >> a lot of support. should you be sending water, food or money. what is the best thing. >> right now the best way you can help the people of haiti is by donating money to organizations like the red cross. the reason is the help gets there faster. it allows the experts who are on the ground to determine the needs who are there from day-to-day and get the resources to help. >> you and i have been talking about how fast the
century but there's still cowboys today, there's still cowboys all over the united states. >> kate, we're going to check with you throughout the morning, because i know there's a lot more for us to see. thank you for joining us. it sounds very, very interesting. >> thanks for coming by. >> joshua'sy is at port discovery until april, it cost $4.75 for ages 2 to 102 and it's free for kids under 2 and for members. for more information log on to >>> i fall right within that age group. take a look sky watch hd radar looking like a whole different story than yesterday. yesterday we had a lot of rain. it looks like the rain has moved out to the east. we had a second bout of it, and into the atlantic ocean. back to the west, we see snow showers trying to make their way into the higher elevations. that's the only place we expect to be see any activity of the kind. today it will be a drier day for most of us. we will get more of a westerly flow. it's going to be cooler with more cloud cover to start the day. it is going to be less windy but we will have winds out there.
or summertime. it's estimated that it affects approximately half a million americans every year if the united states. mostly women, ages 18 to 30, although researchers have demonstrated that when males show with symptoms, they usually -- they are more severe. >> what are those symptoms? >> well, most of the time, people isolate from friends, family, they're sluggish. they don't want to go out. they crave starchy foods and they put on pounds. they experience weight gain. >> is this all because they're just not getting the sunlight that they would in the summertime? >> well, that is part of the explanation. actually the disease has to do with biological clocks, internal clocks that we have in the brain. there's a hormone called melatonin that has been implicated in the genesis of this disease. when you have less and less light, these cycles in the brain are shorter, therefore you feel more fatigued and more depressed. >> so how do you treat it? >> there's a number of treatments. the more successful treatment is light therapy. there's light boxes that provide relief in approximately 50% of the p
has announced new security measures for international flights bound for the united states. starting monday, travelers flying from or going through nations regards as state's sponsors of terrorism as well as other countries of interest, will be required to go through enhanced screening, those could include full body scans, and carry on searches. the state department, listed cuba, iran, sudan, and syria. passengers from nigeria, yemen, and pakistan will face enhanced screening as well. passengers from other country will be checked at random. the obama admnistration probes a breach with allowed an attack on christmas day. agencies failed to connect the dots. >> there was no smoking gun. there was no piece of intelligence that said this guy was a terrorist and was getting on a plane. >> reporter: one former army intelligence officer says the u.s. faces a manage or challenge following up on hundreds of threats each week. >> we need to act on these very aggressively. it's about taking risks and we need to take one. >> reporter: meanwhile both u.s. and british officials decide to close e
these things along to get the kids out of those conditions and into the united states. is that going to happen? is that going to be a reality? >> the humanitarian parole status is coming. these aren't kids that are new orphans because of the earthquake. this is expediting the process that was already in place. although the humanitarian parole was recommended that wasn't followed. in fact, we understood yesterday that there were hundreds of kids lined up outside of the embassy with orphanage directors hoping that everything goes through which isn't safe and the trauma these poor kids waiting in line hoping. we know that individuals, the restrictions we brought up before, you know the difficult part is when that happens, it actually slows down the process for the rest of us. we really needed was for the state department to come up with a swift plan. and say here is how we're going to do it. >> what happens now, are they giving you a time line of when stanley will come home. >> right now, because there's no systematic plan. our agency is there on the ground now. we are hoping because of our file
on lauching his british hit x factor here in the united states. now people are wondering if paula will surface on simon's new project? i went straight to the source paula abdul herself. here is what she said herself. hey, guys i'm not ignoring all of your twits, regarding me x factor and simon leaving american idol. i look forward to answering all of your questions very soon. i appreciate your continued support and patients i think she is going -- i think that was all strait testimony ic anstrategic. >> i heard in an interview with simon that he would totally welcome her. >> make sure to follow us on twitter, just log on to and click on twitter under the community features section. >>> well, coming up, it's been in her freezer for more than 30 years. >> that lady right there. we are going to tell you what it ñc >>> almost all of us have a few mementos laying around our home, things that remind us of special times in our lives, but there's probably not too many people out there who keep those precious items in the freezer. >> definitely not, but for one florida woman it's the
natural part of the united states heads in our direction out the coast. we are talking about the chance of 4 to 8 inches of snow possibly, that may air is air v. the rest of the week gets colder. it will be colder for the weekend. look for the snow to arrive friday night into saturday regardless of how much it is. we will talk more about that in a few minutes. right now candace dold has the traffic edge, candace. >> reporter: i agree with that phase book comment. i was surprised that kara and katie went at it a little bit. we will see. of course, we do have bad news, pretty much the deal out there heading out on the roadways. it's not going to be a pretty picture. here is the top end of the beltway moving right on the outer loop lanes at harford road. it's backed up big time all because of an accident farther down. it's right at cromwell bridge road. it's backed from 95. you will want to exit on route 40 and arrive at your destination that way. as for the entire stretch from 95 up toward 83, we're looking at a heavy ride there. 26 minute-delay, 38 for the actual time and look at this n
for you. >>> a hit show comedy is on video. the united states of tara starring tony collet as mother of two who suffers an identity disorder. when she gets stressed, she transforms into one of four personalities. show time sent us copies of the first season to give you to you. you can one if you're the 4th or 5th caller at (410)481-4545. >>> have a great day.
circumstances, but there's one thing that unites us and that is our love for baltimore and our need to do better in the future. >> stephanie rawlings-blake says she will work to improve baltimore's relationship with president obama. embattled mayor dixon was often snubbed by the obama admnistration. >>> you can read more at our website at links. >>> stay tuned to fox 45 morning news, for continuing coverage of this story. we will talk to the political analyst about the transition of power from sheila dixon to stephanie rawlings-blake and what type of mayor she will be. that is coming up later this hour. >>> coming up, many americans don't like the deem r republicar democratic party and want another option. we will talk to find out >>> well, this winter blast is quickly coming to an end as far as the active weather. at this hour, at 6:14 on a friday morning, we're seeing a fairly dry scan in most areas as we look at the level 2 radar. you can see a little bit of snow falling at the eastern shore, where we do expect it to last the longest as far as the activity. this was the
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